Alert to the average public….

If you are going to rent a prom limo or party bus this year you must ask these questions.
I've been in the limousine business many years. If you'd like me to do a complete investigation
of any limo or bus company at no cost I have no problem doing this for you.

Call me at 850-251-6453. I know all of my competition in the area and the vehicles they own.


Ask the following

  1. What is your DOT number?

  2. Ask what year model the bus is that you're inquiring about and ask for a copy of the registration to be faxed or mailed to you. (registrations don't lie) This assures you that there is a vehicle and the vehicle is theirs.

  3. Ask for the name and number of their insurance company so you, yourself, can verify their insurance coverage. (Companies that refuse to do this usually are not covered).

  4. What is your ICC number? (this gives them authority to cross state lines)
    Check their BBB accreditation at

  5. Bus companies are required to keep 5 million dollars worth of liability insurance. Don't be afraid to ask for this. Some companies insure their buses as motor homes. In the event of an accident, you won't be covered.

  6. Ask the bus company to go out with a cell phone and hold 2 fingers up in front of the bus and ask someone to stand in front of the bus. This way you know this is actually their bus and not a fictitious bus. Don't make the mistake of sending your hard earned money to someone that owns a website and not a bus or limo.

  7. Enter the name of their company on, add the word "reviews" to the end of their name and read the truth about their company.

  8. The danger of renting from a bus company that serves the entire United States, that is a farm-out agency, is that they call people like us a few days before the event in hopes we have a bus available. And if no bus is available, you may not get your refund, depending on their fine print.

  9. Our drivers are school board accredited and have their Jessica Lundsford card, and have passed Federal Level 2 background screening.

  10. An easy way to check if the photos on the website are real is to look for clear lettering of company names on limos or busses and their tags. If these items and the names are blurred out there is a real chance that they are using these photos off someone else's website.

  11. No matter how far you live from the company you should ask to go see their buses. Do not meet them at a Jiffy Store or a Plaza. You have no recourse at a Jiffy Store or Plaza if they don't show up because you don't know where they live.

  12. Look for memberships of associations such as NLA (National Limousine Association Member), BBB (Better Business Accreditation), Chamber of Commerce and other associations.
    Example: One year a man in Tallahassee took many kid's prom deposit money on the hopes and promises of getting them a bus and he left town and took their money. In the fine print of his contract, it said that if for some reason he couldn't find a bus their money would not be refunded.

Check with the company you intend to hire and make sure they are:

Fully compliant with ICC / DOT regulations

Part of the (BBB) Better Business Bureau

Certified and insured

Own their own vehicles